My First 6 Months of Learning Web Development Part 2

My First 6 Months of Learning Web Development Part 2

As Documented by the 100DaysofCode Challenge

Part 1 of this series which details my first 2 months of learning how to code can be found here

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We resume the documentation of my coding journey in the month of March, as I was just starting to learn Javascript functions, loops, arrays, etc for the first time. It was pretty challenging for me at the beginning and I started to wonder what I'd gotten myself into. During this time, I was still working full-time trying to juggle my caseload with learning in the evenings and on weekends.

This time period was also when I started to seriously consider my long-term goals and whether or not I wanted to leave the field to pursue technology full time. I found that I was having a lot more fun banging my head against the wall with javascript and my terminal than I did banging my head against the mammoth that is the healthcare field.

Note: This blog post will also contain excerpts from my personal code journal which I started using with more frequency around June of 2022. These excerpts were not originally meant for public consumption and may have grammar errors. I want to preserve the entrees for what they were rather than edit them to perfection.

100daysofcode Part 2 (days 16-64)

Day 16/100

Mar 1
Yesterday I messed around with my stretch app code, changed the layout to be more accessible by getting rid of extra elements, adding alt text, and reducing clutter within the page making it easier to navigate. My JavaScript is still a lil jacked.

Today is week 14(?) of #100devs bootcamp and all I’m going to do today after work is show up to class and try to be a JavaScript sponge.

Day 17/100

Mar 2
Here’s some bad code for day 17/100 of #100DaysOfCode. The buttons, text +gifs are place holders as I slowly build. It was fun making myself float. I have a weird glitch where the shoulder click doesn’t toggle off when I select another button not sure what I did wrong? #100Devs

Day 19/100

Mar 4
For day 19 #100daysofcode JavaScript logic finally started to make sense to me and I made a loop for the first time that turned out to be infinite and crashed my web browser

today I’m hunkering down, putting on a chill lofi playlist (w some trap sprinkled in), turning on my pomodoro app + will type, then erase, then retype a bunch of JavaScript functions to get the language down in my brain. And making hella anki cards.

Day 20/100

Mar 5
This has been so fun to work on, I'm learning a lot. Not done yet I need to -add all the gifs/vids of the yoga stretches +make it randomized so 1/6 options displays per click on body parts -add in a 5 minute timer -tighten up the styling so it looks nicer

Got some tutoring today +was able to ask about a few things I was stuck on w/ CSS + JavaScript. I was able to implement what I learned accurately, a big win. Then spent another few hours messing around in w/ my code, seeing what stuck and what broke.

Day 21-22

Mar 9
I started my webdev portfolio. Day 23 had a really nice coffee chat with @elliedelaluna .

Day 24

Didn’t code at all but took some courses on web and environmental accessibility.

Day 25/100

Reread the first couple chapters now that I have the paperback. It's nice to read paper vs my iPad +reduce how many screens I’m looking at throughout the day. Gonna try to read atleast 5 pages a day +documenting it as I go along. Anybody else reading it?


Day 26/100

Mar 10
today I will be starting codeacademy's javascript lessons and will also work on typing out, deleting and retyping js functions in vscode until I do not have to look at the example. This I will do until Tuesday of next week whenever I have free time.

Day 27

Mar 11

#100daysofcode having a JS mental block rn. I havent added anything to my personal projects +the thought of creating an array gives me a headache. So ive just been reading eloquent javascript, making anki cards, portfolio+ practicing typing javascript functions in vscode.

Day 28/100

Mar 13

#100daysofcode I did 2hrs of tutoring w/ @zwhitfielddev learning GitHub repos +a bit of JavaScript. Day 29 is 5hrs of review of html, css and JavaScript w/ #100Devs. So far I’m feeling optimistic +having a good time learning slowly at my own pace. #learninpublic

Day 29/100

Mar 14

#100DaysOfCode I’m going to finish the #100devs 9 hr html, css JavaScript review. I tapped out last night at 6 hrs right before the JavaScript part. Gonna watch and code along for an hr before work and 2 hours after work today.

Day 30-32/100

Mar 18

#100daysofcode I missed live classes for #100devs for the first time since we started in January to spend time with family I haven't seen in many years. However, every day I did at least 1hr of coding practice and watched some reviews for javascript. Playing catchup now.

Journal Entry: Today I watched 100devs video on arrays. I was pretty overwhelmed, I understand the concept but whenever I try to code it from memory I forget how to even begin. All the little formulas and structures and for loops really trip me up. I guess I have to keep studying and -laying around with it. I think the only way I’ll really get it is if I do it with my personal project and practice it that way. I know I learn best when I have a project to try in real time, vs just watching and doing random plug-ins. Today is the last day of my trip to cocoa beach. It’s been a beautiful one.

Day 33/100

#100daysofcode I am going to catch up on learning more about javascript arrays +will finally attempt to start making my own. I've been kind of intimidated by arrays for some reason +feel like my brain is really slow when it comes to learning JS, but im keeping at it.

Journal entry: Today I am trying to catch up on arrays for 100 devs. I have watched half of the video from Tuesday so far, the experience is definitely better live.

Learned: Fizzbuzz function if then loop

Day 34

Mar 20
practiced making arrays, started a googledoc to record my learning each day I code to possibly put into a blog that I’ll build from scratch (or use a template lol).

Journal entry: I finally understand the for loops. That i = o within an array means you're starting with the first element in an array and the i++ means your adding one then going to the next one and that saying let i = o; i < element.length; i++ literally means you're going through the array. Also understanding that document.querySelector(‘h2’).innerText += would mean you're adding text in the place of that element ‘h2’ and running through the array until you get to the length of the array. Also, I understand that if you want the last element of an array you have to do element.lent -1 because element indexes start at 0. For some reason, it took a long time for this to click. Whenever I saw the formula it looked like mush, I just couldn't comprehend what was being asked. I’m also realizing that the more I see something the more I understand it, which should be obvious, duh right. I have to get over being used to reading and understanding something because this is literally a new language. It is satisfying to have concrete formulas and know there is the reasoning behind what's happening.


showing up to #100devs office hrs + doing more arrays, yaaaaaaay…..

New work setup til tomorrow when I get to Miami. I missed having a standup desk so this is a treat. Not sure what my setup will be next but I’ll be sharing all the different setups throughout my working tour for fun. #wfh #WomenWhoCode #100daysofcode #telehealth


Day 37/100:

Laying by the pool in a hammock reading about JavaScript arrow functions. This is the life for me. #100DaysOfCode


Day 40/100

Mar 25
Replying to @codingTherapist

#100daysofcode today I’m going to rewatch some vids and do some readings on JavaScript objects and try to meld them into my brain. I’ll also FINALLY attempt an array in my personal project to practice making them on my own.

Day 41/100

Mar 31

#100daysofcode had a nice long JavaScript tutoring session w the amazing @zwhitfielddev made my first array for my stretch break project. Still wrapping my mind around all the formulas, but everyday gets easier. Promptly broke my page after trying new stuff lol

Day 42-43/100

#100daysofcode took a nice solid 2 day coding break to travel to the west side of Florida and visit family, still here enjoying it.

Day 44/100

#100daysofcode had a nice coffee chat with @SteveChenDC who opened my eyes about dev advocacy and the importance of local meetups IRL. Will post a thread about his advice at some point this week.

Day 45/100

did absolutely no coding trying to submit therapy notes on time for the end of the month, but did post a nice lil chair yoga video for coders so I think that will have to count

Day 46/100

#100DaysOfCode today I have to submit a ton of therapy notes by midnight but will be watching the #100devs live stream faithfully. Also going to watch a git intro video and make some commits on my project.

Day 50/100

Apr 4

#100daysofcode can't believe I made it to the halfway mark of this challenge. When I first started I barely knew how to make a simple static page. Now I can make a responsive web page and create (or atleast understand) JavaScript functions.


Day 51/100

Apr 12
Right at the halfway mark of #100DaysOfCode I took a one week break from coding for the first time since starting. Back at it today w day 51/100; today I learned about object constructors and made a vegan ice cream object, and did a JavaScript review on the basics.


Day 52-53/100

Apr 15

#100DaysOfCode went back to basics. reviewed + created variables, for loops, functions +reviewed the differences of properties and methods which finally clicked for me. Feeling way less overwhelmed and actually enjoying learning without unrealistic time constraints

Day 54/100

Apr 27

#100DaysOfCode went over ideas for API’s, had a brief tutoring session covering questions about API’s, decided on building a horoscope/ tarot app for fun once I get to that section of #100devs

Day 55-58/100

#100DaysOfCode this week was all review covering JavaScript array methods, conditionals, and the beginning of objects. Started finally understanding these concept and being able to code along during class within the timed time.

Day 59/100

#100DaysOfCode did my first codewars problem! I did not solve it :( but it forced me to learn the syntax and functions for a Rock Paper Scissors game

Day 60/100

#100daysofcode tried my second codewars questions converting a string to lowercase. Took way longer than it should’ve but Atleast I understood how to do it. Felt like a loser looking at ppl who solved it in one line while mine took like 4 lines lol

Day 61-62

#100daysofcode roped my partner into agreeing to solve codewars with me after work, or Atleast explaining the answers to him since he like math. Worked on a BMI converter for codewars

Day 63/100

#100DaysOfCode did more object learning and learned about object oriented programming and defining classes of objects.

Day 64/100

#100DaysOfCode today I'll be catching up on end of month therapy notes all day but will mess around w trying array methods and adding different event listeners in the DOM for my project +psuedo code a plan to add stuff to it for tomorrow's JavaScript study sesh.

Note: For the next month I was overcome with paperwork, therapy sessions and documentation. I was unable to consistently work on coding and made the concrete decision to leave therapy for good to pursue web development full time :)

May 28

This morning I'm finally getting my dev stuff organized with a plan of attack. I will be restarting #100daysofcode on Monday for a fresh commitment to code at least a little every day. This is the first Saturday in actual yrs I haven't spent my morning catching up on therapy notes.

To be continued

Part 3 will include my second try of 100daysofcode with the first 60 days of the challenge